Apr 12, 2016 11:23 PM EDT

Facebook Will Be Introducing ‘Chatbots’ To Its Messenger At F8 Developers Conference

Facebook is preparing to introduce chatbots to its Messenger, which be highlighted during next week's F8 developers conference in San Francisco.

Chatbots is a software program built to make digital interaction powered by artificial intelligence and human communication to help do biddings and perform tasks for users on Messenger. According to TechCrunch, the chatbots could help provide opportunity to businesses, in which 1-800 numbers will be replaced by the robot chat as part of a strategic shift for customer service. But not all companies will carry the resources and technical knowledge to develop their own chatbots.

In this case, Facebook wants to make chatbots available for potential enterprises as part of its Messenger service, which they will be providing developers with API tools to build chatbots and Live Chat Web plug-ins for businesses.

The social media site has already given companies the option to allow their business to search for technology and service providers that will help create their ads and contents, although it has not yet given them any access to a directory where they can find for partners to help with messaging.

Facebook's latest update is expected to link businesses with Messenger developers so that they can become official partner program.

Such developers would provide companies with assistance to create systems for interacting with customers through automated chatbots responses that could be beneficial for those who are looking to modernize customer interaction but doesn't carry the resources to do so.

Moor Insights & Strategy analyst Patrick Moorhead told ABC News, "It's this notion of conversations as a service." He also added, "The whole element of bots are we can use them exactly like we chat today over SMS text messages or Messenger. Imagine connecting with a company where it automatically is either a real human or uses AI to know exactly what you want."

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