Apr 11, 2016 10:25 AM EDT

Uber and Its Downfall In Mexico City On The Rise, Uber Faces Scrutiny?

Uber has always been under scrutiny much these days. All the more, the recent incident surrounding Uber and its operations in Mexico City is filled with tensions and apprehensions.

A former report from Fox News Latino showed, "The Uber ride-sharing app offered discounts and free rides to Mexico City clients on Friday after they were charged five times normal rates or more during the city's recent pollution alert."

As to the reason of the sudden raise, it was not fully revealed. Nevertheless, Uber released a statement indicating how everyone must have been filled with "surprise and frustration." All the more, Uber has affirmed that to minimize the tension, it would reimburse clients for any trip they were charged of and would offer two free rides worth up to 150 pesos ($8.50) apiece to customers charged 3.5 to 4.9 times the normal rate, a noted by the same post.

It stands out that the complaints came after the Uber application did not relay precise pricings and eventually showcased a different pricing scheme that led to the upheaval and complaints. Even the city mayor has noticed the surging complaints and also rendered his own rebuttal for the social problem.

According to Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera, " We reached an agreement to eliminate the dynamic pricing." While at the same time, Uber also added, "We are working together with the authorities to find creative solutions that will achieve a balance between demand, efficiency and price during these environmental crises. We want to be part of the solution and avoid this happening again."

It goes without saying that Mexico City is not the only region wherein Uber is struggling because a former report from Jobs & Hire has revealed of how Uber struggled in Mombasa.

It remains uncertain on how this rising crisis would end and on whether Uber will eventually keep its word and prevent the scrutiny and complaints from rising again.

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