Apr 12, 2016 11:14 PM EDT

iPhone SE Vs. iPhone 6 Review: Latest Device A ‘Strategic Error’ By Apple?

The battle between the iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6 has revealed how the latest device from Apple may be doing the company more harm than good. The phone was released last month.

Forbes reported that Apple has finally given customers what they want with the iPhone SE. However, the company may actually have been forced to develop the device after suffering from dwindling sales.

Both the iPhone SE and iPhone 6 share the same design flaw with the lack of strong front firing speakers. The new device has an inferior display than the 6S, though, with no improvements to brightness, contrast and response.

In the comparison between the iPhone SE and iPhone 6, it was revealed that both phones have the same camera quality. The publication noted that the devices still do not come close to Samsung Galaxy S7, especially in low light.

The SE does have a lower front camera than the 6S's 5 MP selfie cam. It also only has 1642 mAh than the iPhone 6S's 1715 mAh battery capacity. It may not matter, though, since the screen size is the usual culprit in battery drainage.

According to the website, the iPhone SE is surprising since it seems to have a big impact on Apple's sales. Conversely, it could challenge the credibility of the company's design strategy as well as the evolution of 3D Touch.

"Yes, there's a genuine case to be made that the iPhone SE is a strategic error on Apple's part," Forbes wrote. Apparently, it actually proves that the company's "passion projects" are "superficial" and "dispensable" after delivering the features that customers truly want.

Seeking Alpha noted that the iPhone SE has sold about 1 million units during its first 10 days. Some analysts, however, commented that this was weak compared to the others. The device is expected to have better sales this year than the iPhone 5S did in 2015.

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