Apr 13, 2016 08:00 AM EDT

Is Work Draining You? How Can America Make Life Easier For Workers

By Jane Reed

An inverted Question and Answer special focuses on the most frequently posed solutions to the complex life of an American worker. Many American workers - most especially American parents - understand that working eight hours a day seems like an endless cycle of work, housework, child care, commute and work. According to The Atlantic, the problem isn't so much not having it all, but having way too much.

A recent OECD Better Life Index survey ranked the United States as the 29th country out of 36 that has the work-life balance criteria. The survey focuses on the number of hours spent at work versus the number of hours spent towards recreation and leisure. The result shows that the brunt of all the hard work falls heavily on women who has to care for the house and the children while juggling a career.

So how can America make life less stressful and draining for its workers? Family and parental paid time off leave is a great starting point for new families. New mothers have guaranteed paid leaves and recently, dads are getting the same treatment, according to this JobsNHire article.

When the parents are busy working, who is taking care of the kids? Childcare is expensive and New York Times has it that it's more expensive than sending the kids off to college. The country may need to look at the cost of childcare and the hours spent of the workers devoted to family time.

America is slowly considering, depending on your line of work, the possibility of telecommuting. Employees are now being encouraged to work at home if it's possible.

Lastly, organizations should start looking at increasing wages so these workers won't need to work as much. Sounds ideal but essential for a work-life balance.

Do you think these will answer and alleviate the distressing life of an American worker?

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