Apr 14, 2016 11:38 AM EDT

iPhone SE News: Users Complain About Poor Bluetooth Call Quality

Recent iPhone SE news revealed that some users have been complaining about the poor call quality when they use Bluetooth. The device was released just last month.

Mac Rumors reported that early users of the device have complained about audio issues with Bluetooth phone calls. This comes when the phone is connected with a vehicle or wireless headset.

For some users, the issue includes the GPS voice navigation feature. Fortunately, streaming music via Bluetooth does not seem to be affected.

"I have a new iPhone SE and have so far paired it to a 2014 BMW 328i and a 2011 Kia Optima and a 2015 Kia Santa Fe," user skierrob2 wrote on Apple's forum. "In all cases, I have terrible quality bluetooth call reception... the audio while on a phone call is extremely scratchy and distorted."

"If I pair an iPhone 6S to each of these vehicles (same iOS version - 9.3.1), I do NOT experience these issues and calls are clear. When I use the iPhone SE to make phone calls outside of Bluetooth, I have no issues and calls are clear."

The publication noted that the issue seems to be consistent with all iPhone SE models that run on iOS 9.3 or 9.3.1. iOS 9.3.2 beta reportedly does not resolve the problem.

In a test done by Apple Insider, FaceTime audio quality was also "significantly degraded" when done with a Bluetooth headset. Apparently, the company has begun troubleshooting the issue.

"I have been working with a high level support person who has assured me he is working directly with engineering," user Ross_H_D wrote. "Apple has very much become engaged in this issue. They have had me do extensive testing of various conditions in order to document and troubleshoot...It was conveyed to me that this has become a very real issue internally and resources are now committed to its resolution."

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