Apr 18, 2016 10:53 AM EDT

Evolve From Founder To CEO By Relinquishing Control

Power and control are among the dominant factors that can affect the workplace and the employees. It is also one of the primary ways in order to evolve from being a founder to a CEO by relinquishing control.

One way or another, the workplace has defined the way business and relationships are formed. It is also affecting the way management and control is being implemented and administered. A former post from Forbes revealed, "The very idea of relinquishing control can be a difficult thing for founders to accept. After all, it is often their hard work and attention to detail that brought the business to that point in the first place. However, the behaviors and practices that worked at the early stage of a business rarely translate once a business as reached a point of maturity."

The act of letting go and relinquishing control is one of the hardest acts that any founder could ever do and it can even lead to more unprecedented outcomes such as being replaced. To prove the latter, in a business setting, the founders are replaced as CEO once institutional investors join the board, according the same post.

Even the genius Steve Jobs was replaced as CEO of Apple and got a pink slip despite being the co-founder, as noted by Jobs & Hire. It is a clear indicator of how control and management is not the same and it is important the even founders must evolve and transcend the traditional era of business and trade.

In order to evolve from being a founder to a CEO, and relinquishing control, letting go is the first act while the second act is to trust the team and the workforce. It is inevitable that for founders, it is a strong temptation to be present at every sales call, assess every piece of copy, and analyze every single platform and product that the organization has developed. However, in order to evolved from that, successful CEO's centers their attention on building up the team, and trusting on the workforce to do their job and to do it well.

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