Apr 20, 2016 01:45 AM EDT

Netflix Go Head To Head With HBO Using ‘House Of Cards’

It appears that Netflix is aiming for more profit and stability by going head to head against HBO. With their original series at bay, Netflix aims to overpower and outrun HBO.

Competition is getting fiercer for all business entities whether in the movie industry or in any enterprise. A former post from ABC has stated, "Netflix produced more original programming than cable's premium-network leader last year, according to number provided by the two rivals. The Internet video service isn't slowing down, either, even if it risks losing subscribers to price increases that will help pay for more exclusive shows."

Also, since its push into original shows kicked off in earnest with the 2013 debut of "House of Cards," Netflix has hit the fast-forward button and last year, it put out 450 hours of original programming, compared to 401 from Time Warner's HBO, according to the same post.

The business strategy and marketing concepts that Netflix wants to integrate is derived from the company's desire for success and dominance. As both companies invest on resources to provide unparalleled achievements, both are also evaluating each move to ensure that revenues and profits will be gained. Even HBO is carefully treading on expenses and according to Jobs & Hire, HBO has not even affirmed the spinoff series for one channel's successful show, "The Game of Thrones."

All the more, Tom Numan, a former TV network and studio executive who now lectures at UCLA's graduate school of theater, film and television. Added, "Netflix is aiming to put itself into an entirely different and supreme league from its rivals. The company's goal is to become the first global network for original shows and movies."

It remains uncertain on whether Netflix would surpass HBO as it goes head To head with HBO by promoting original series such as the "House Of Cards."

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