Apr 21, 2016 04:27 AM EDT

Microsoft Xbox 360 Bids Farewell To The World Of Business And Trade, Xbox One Set To Dominate

It appears that Microsoft Xbox 360 bids farewell to the world of business and trade as the tech giant ended productions for it. The legacy that the Xbox 360 has given the gamers and enthusiasts will always resonate through time and the Xbox One will dominate the world the XBOX 360 has left behind.

A former post from Mashable affirmed the decision of Microsoft to end the joyous journey of the Xbox 360. According to the post, "It's had a great run, but the onward march of technology means that it's time to move on and the Xbox 360 has been supplanted by the newer, shinier Xbox One."

The Xbox 360 have been on quite the journey over the past decade, going through numerous redesigns and launching some of the biggest games in history, from the moment it hit the stalls on 2005 up to the console's final evolution in 2013, the Xbox 360 has weathered competition and rendered unparalleled users moments, reports the same post.

It is undeniable that Microsoft has dominated the gaming industry for some time. Releasing varying technology to surpass its competitors and it is one of the legacies that Xbox 360 has left behind. Although the Xbox One is set to follow its lead, Microsoft is convinced that the Xbox One would attain the same success.

A former post from Jobs & Hire has disclosed how Microsoft values growth and development and is constantly researching on methods that could bring enhancement for the company. It has even launched the Microsoft Surface phone as a means to dominate the world of business and trade.

The world may have been saddened by Microsoft Xbox 360 leaving the trade but its replacement the Xbox One promises more than what it predecessor has offered and proven in the past.

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