Apr 21, 2016 04:25 AM EDT

Rihanna Outruns Beatles For Being US No 1, Profits for ‘Work’ Song Gains Epic Rise

Rihanna attained an epic feat by outrunning the Beatles in the top spot. Rihanna's "Work" song gained an epic rise by being the US No 1 and at the same time defeating the record that the Beatles have held.

According to a report rendered The Guardian, "Rihanna has beaten the Beatles' tally for the total number of weeks spent at No 1 in the US and the combined sales of "Work," the singer's first single from her most recent album Anti, have scored the singer her ninth week at the top of the Billboard Hot 100."

This contributes to an overall total, from 14 songs of chart-toppers spending 60 weeks at No 1, scraping past the Beatles by one place, as reported by the same post. Given the figures, it clearly showcased the rising net worth and value of Rihanna as an artist and singer.

Although Rihanna has not surpassed Mariah Carey, whose record stands at 79 weeks, Rihanna's career is skyrocketing higher than ever. Her vocals and collaborations with other artists are also among the music strategies that are propelling Rihanna to fame and glory.

On a different note, Rihanna has seen the importance of collaboration with other singers and the positive results that it can render. To prove the latter, Rihanna worked with Drake to make her "Work" video, as cited by Jobs & Hire.

Her song "Love the Way You Lie," gained the top spot for 11 weeks at No 1, and it was also a collaborative work with Eminem. As her "Work" song continues to hit the spotlight and surpassing the Beatles record, the market value and revenues are forecast to rise for Rihanna and her future is surely not gloomy at all.

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