Apr 22, 2016 11:37 AM EDT

If The Kardashians Are a Fan Of The 'Game of Thrones', Will HBO's Profits Attain Epic Sales Or The Other Way Around?

The "Game of Thrones" has been one exotic and most propelling shows that HBO has made. It has sparked much controversy and profits for the company. Queries that if the Kardashians are a fan of the "Game of Thrones," will HBO profit more and attain epic sales or it would go down the drain.

Meanwhile, despite the fame and glory of the Kardashians, the family members are constantly bombarded with different issues being celebrities and business entrepreneurs. According to Radar Online, "Kendall purposely excluded her momager Kris Jenner from getting involved with her new makeup line, Estee Edit by Estee Lauder."

Given the eminence and fortune of the Kardashians, it is clear as ice that any show that the Kardashians publicly favors would gain unprecedented success and epic rise to fame. To prove the latter, one of the Kardashian royals, Kylie has enlisted the help of a model that has the similar resemblance to the humble and beautiful Angelina Jolie, the result, it amassed public awareness and lifted Kylie's lip-gloss commercial to greatness along with its model.

On a different note, the "Game of Thrones" has had its own share of business dealings and trade and yet it was able to soar high without assistance. The success of the epic series is purely credited to its unique setup, the budget used to make the show appealing, and the mere passion and brute storyline of the fantasy-based series. Also, the prevailing scenes and infamous events embedded are more than enough to bring in viewers to watch the series at primetime. It has even reached the White House since the president Obama is a great fan of the series, reports Jobs & Hire.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong by being favored and admired by the Kardashians. Although it remains uncertain on whether the fame and fortune of the "Game of Thrones" would change if the Kardashians were a fan of the series. All the more, it remains unsettled on whether HBO' would attain profits and epic sales as well.

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