Apr 25, 2016 10:00 AM EDT

Snapchat Launches Very Funny ‘Face-Swap’ Feature

Snapchat has just rolled out its very hilarious face swapping feature. With this new trick, you can swap your face with a friend, a family member or just anybody that you have a photo stored in your smartphone.

This makes messaging a little more funny and interesting. You can use the pictures stored on your phone and create something creepy and hilarious at the same time.

You don't need to have the other person with you to be able to swap faces with him. Snapchat must have thought about this crazy idea since it was sending around two billion photos and videos a day.

Its contents are also being viewed by more than 500 million times a day. The number of views reached about six billion videos sent in one day in November 2015. So, the idea of swapping faces is just too tempting to ignore.

Here is the easiest way you can make your day happy - grab your smartphone and try swapping your face with a friend's image stored in your mobile phone. This is very easy and it shouldn't take you many minutes to do it. And then you can send it to your friend and you'll both have a side splitter.

Launch Snapchat and swap the camera so it's facing you until your cute face is staring you on the screen. Then tap and hold your face until a mesh forms over it. The app is now mapping your face.

Now, swipe through the lens options that show at the screen's bottom. Face swap is a yellow icon with two smiley faces inside, which should appear on the center of the screen.

Grab the photo of your friend ad align both of your faces with the icons on the screen until they turn to yellow. That should swap your faces and that should also make you laugh at the moment you saw the funny difference. Now send the result to your friend, and make him happy as well.

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