Apr 26, 2016 08:55 AM EDT

‘Hunter x Hunter’ Chapter 352 Returns To Fill The Vacuum of Sales And Profits

"Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 352 is finally ready to fill the vacuum of sales and profits. It has been speculated that the captivating and unique storyline will unfold a new era of higher returns for the manga franchise.

Hofmag unveiled the plotlines that has the strength to propel "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 352 to fame and glory. The Predictions for "Hunter x Hunter" chapter 352 have said one important character will die and that is Hisoka also the battle between the two powerful Nen users, Chrollo Lucilfer and Hisoka Morou, in the previous chapter 351 ("Deathmatch") created much hype among fans, according to the post.

While the outcome is yet to be revealed, a lot of readers believed Hisoka would die in "Hunter x Hunter" chapter 352 or beyond and this speculation was drawn from an alleged interview where the manga's creator Yoshihiro Togashi mentioned about killing off some characters, as noted by the same post.

To prove the latter, Togashi once said that "Hunter x Hunter" has lost the fire of suspense and thus the need for a fresh story arises and that "he would have to deconstruct his characters or even kill them off."

It is inevitable that in order for "Hunter x Hunter" chapter 352 to regain its former glory, it needs to innovate and provide unpredictable storylines. More report from Jobs & Hire has revealed that after a long hiatus, the world renowned series would take back the dominance and according to the same post, just like any manga anime out there, profits and revenues are always escalating when it embeds thrilling and unique storylines.

Given the fact that "Hunter x Hunter" Chapter 352 conveys one of the most unexpected twists, it remains indecisive on how the series would fill the vacuum of sales and profits once it hits the manga stalls.

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