Apr 27, 2016 05:28 AM EDT

7 Secret Gmail Hacks That You Can Use In The Workplace

Former Google employee Rodolphe Dutel shared 7 secret Gmail hacks that can be used for personal and professional success. In his article for Motto, Dutel admitted that he started working for Google in 2011. He was also able to train Google employees on the use of Gmail.

"Although I'm no longer affiliated with Google-I now work at Buffer and on Remotive.io - these tips that have a daily impact on my work to this day," he wrote. While they are not brand new, they have helped and are still helping me save many hours per week on email."

There were complaints before about how Gmail does not have a "Recall Message" feature like Microsoft's Outlook. Now, users can utilize "Undo Send" to stop the email from being sent for a few seconds so that one can edit it. The feature can be enabled in Gmail's "Settings>General" menu.

Canned responses are like templates that can be retrieved and reused later. This option is found in "Gmail>Settings>Labs> Canned Responses."

Another cool Gmail feature is that it can be used offline. Gmail Offline is an app that allows users to read and respond to emails as well as search and archive (which is similar to moving mails to a filing cabinet instead of the trash) messages without network access.

To help minimize distractions, Gmail users can download the Chrome extension Inbox Pause so that you won't be notified for every single email that arrives. The emails will appear in your inbox once "unpaused."

Unroll.me can help you de-clutter and organize your subscription emails. "It took me 4 minutes to unsubscribe to 64 publications, only keeping 27," Dutel noted.

Gmail's two-factor authentication will also give you peace of mind that your confidential work files are all safe. This security feature also notifies users if their account was logged into an unfamiliar computer or device.

Lastly, Sidekick is a freemium app that can be used with Gmail so that users can get delivery notifications. This allows you to know whether your message has been received and read.

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