Apr 27, 2016 10:14 AM EDT

Flint Water Crisis:Police Resorts to Social Media to Track Posts Related To It

As part of the government efforts with regard to the Flint water crisis, the Michigan State Police is regularly investigating and tracking social media posts that have to do with the situation.

This news came in the light just after a document was dumped by the administration of Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. However, Michigan Live  talked about just recently. In the April 15 document, "the governor promised to release emails related to the lead contamination of Flint's water after the state came under intense criticism for its responsibility in the crisis," RT.com reports.

One of the more or less 127,000 emails that were released states that the Michigan State Police Intelligence Operations Center was tasked to oversee social media activities related to the water crisis. An analyst from the center even claimed that she was assigned to monitor Facebook and Twitter for discussions related to Flint's crisis.

One of the posts she monitored concerned a Copper City, Michigan man who was criticizing the government's response to Flint.

"It's time for civil unrest. Burn down the Governor mansion, [eliminate] the capitol where the legislators RE-INSTATED the emergency dictator law after the PEOPLE voted it down, and tell the Mich (sic) State Police if they use military force, we will return with same," the post reportedly read.

Such post was reported to MSP's intelligence commander and another commander in the Upper Peninsula as it could have a potential threat. After further investigations, no charges were filed against the man.

MSP spokesperson Shanon Banner said that posts, like the one revealed here, are one of the reasons why they are monitoring social media activities. These posts, Banner said, could result in "criminal activity and/or violence."

Meanwhile, it can be recalled that Gov. Rick Snyder said that Flint's water is safe for drinking after it has gone filtering process. 

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