Apr 28, 2016 04:52 AM EDT

Career Lessons Drawn From ‘Star Wars’ George Lucas, Christian Bale And Kim Kardashian

Hurdles and tantalizing challenges that shun the victory away often impede careers. However for "Star Wars" George Lucas, Christian Bale and Kim Kardashian, careers are a part of growth and stars as they may be, career lessons can be drawn out by the legacy that they have imparted in their time.

Inside Tech Reports, "The creative genius behind "Star Wars" and "Indiana Jones" didn't get to where he is today by following the rules. Lucas was fearless in the face of risk and upon combining fearlessness with a knack for innovation resulted to a multi-billion dollar success." George Lucas career lesson in life was to take risks and never be afraid of doing it.

As for Christian Bale, the man that brought "Batman" and Gotham to the spotlight showcased how cracking under pressure never helps in the workplace. Getting worked up at work is not uncommon or unexpected, but keeping the cool in the face of blood-pressure raising circumstances is essential, not just to your reputation at work, but to your overall health and happiness. Lose your temper like Mr. Bale and you may never live it down, as noted by the same post.

For Kim Kardashian, career lessons that can be drawn from her are to gain connections. Before becoming a famous celebrity herself, she was known to have ties with Paris Hilton. She also dealt with litigations owing to their make-up line being sued by one of the investors, reports Jobs & Hire.

These career Lessons drawn from "Star Wars" maker George Lucas, Christian Bale and Kim Kardashian are simple yet it has a profound effect on the workplace and in climbing the ladder of corporate success.

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