Apr 28, 2016 06:44 PM EDT

Google Calendar Helps 'Find a Time' for Business Meetings

Coming up with a common time to hold an office meeting can be a daunting task, especially if you are going to have to meet with several key people in your company. Thankfully, Google Calendar understood this kind of problem and came up with a new feature that would enable the meeting host to "Find a Time" that is common to everyone.

The Google Calendar is being added with a new feature that will analyse the schedules of people involved for a meeting and then find a common time for everyone to hold the said meeting. If no common time is found, the closest time where everyone can possibly meet will be chosen. On the other hand, if there ae several common times, then all of these will come up and you get to pick one.

But, here's the catch, according to The Verge, "since all of this depends on people keeping their calendars up to date, Find a Time is only available to everyone using Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education."

Mashable further states that the "Find a Time" feature is only accessible if you set up that said office meeting through Google Calendar. Of course, the application will just take into consideration schedules of individuals that are noted or recorded in the Calendar.

Another added bonus to this feature is that it works for all time zones. Meaning to say, it analyzes the schedules based on the individual's local time. The feature, according to Google, "only makes suggestions, and will not override your previous meeting plans if you don't approve the changes."

It seems like Google has been busy coming up with new features that will lighten up loads of several individuals. Just earlier this month, the giant company also announced a different feature to Calendar: Goals.

"Goals assist users in finding slots of time where they can devote themselves to things like working out, learning a new language, or whatever other repeating tasks they've been meaning to dive into," The Verge reported.

So, at present, Google Calendar is now equipped with features that analyze your overall daily schedule and comes up with time slots where you can insert an office meeting or that you can devote to self-improvement tactics.

The feature is only currently available for Android users. iOS and desktop browser versions will be coming soon.

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