Apr 29, 2016 04:42 AM EDT

Comcast Increases Internet Data Cap From 300 GB to 1 TB

Comcast announced that it has plans to increase its 300 GB monthly cap the company is implementing in trial markets to 1 TB. This move addresses the issues and complaints that ensued in its initial rollout with another data cap.

The cable company stated that it has 23 million internet subscribers with 99 percent of them using a mere 60 GB per month. This shows that just 1 percent of its subscribers are actually power users who require more than 300 GB.

That means the typical subscribers of the telecom company seldom reach their data limits, and perhaps even more so if they are provided with 1 TB caps.

This initiative of Comcast has received praise in some quarters one of them is Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix.

In a tweet he posted on Thursday, Hasting wrote: "Now, I'll never be able to watch enough to hit my cap."

Hastings heaped his praises just a few hours after Comcast announced its move to a terabyte plan in all its test markets beginning in June 1. When that day comes, all subscribers who participated in the test market will be given the option to buy additional caps of 50 GB of data at $10 each, should they exceed their limit.

Or they could chose to buy a new unlimited data plan and pay an additional $50 every month.

These good words from the Netflix CEO are quite unexpected. He is very vocal against usage-based broadband regulations since they are potential threats to his streaming business.

With 1 TB, the telecom company said subscribers will be provided with 700 hours of HD video, 60,000 high-resolution images and 12,000 hours of online gaming.

"We have created a new data plan that is so high that most of our customers will never have to think about how much data they use," said Marcien Jenckes, Comcast executive VP of consumer services.

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