Apr 29, 2016 04:46 AM EDT

Five Valid Reasons to Quit Job Even Without Backup Income

It has been told time and again that quitting is not an option. In terms of employment, this certainly is not an option unless you have a back-up plan - a fall-back job. However, there are five reasons when this adage holds no truth. These reasons can be shown by how are bodies are responding not only to the stress and pressure from the work but also to the environment.

Here are the five reasons:

1. Safety

What good is a high-paying job when your safety is at risk? Before anything else, make your safety your topmost priority. Do not sacrifice your safety at any cost. Better to be broke but safe, then to be rich but in danger. When it comes to your safety, don't think twice.

Safety doesn't only refer to the location of your workplace or the road you have to travel to and from every day, but it also refers to the kind of people you work with.

Are your colleagues dangerous? Are you being sexually harassed? If you find any hint of danger, then quit. Doesn't matter if you have no backup plan. Work on it after you've left the job.

2. Health

Another reason why you should quit your job even without a new one is your health. Having a good or close-to-perfect health allows you to perform well in your work. However, if you are sick or your health is at risk, then chances are you'll be underperforming.

On the other hand, if the nature of your work is affecting your health, then by all means quit. Quit before it's too late and you're too weak to even look for an alternative.

3. Lifeline

Is your current job destroying your balance? Maybe it's actually signalling you to take a break. Quit your job and relax. Find your balance again. Work for part-time positions if need be.

4. Enough is enough

Have you been giving your all, sacrificing family and leisure time, because that's what is required from your job? Have you been trying yur best, but still considered worthless by your employers? Sacrificed almost everything - time, effort, family, friends, relaxation, and more? Enough is enough.

Quit before you sacrifice your life.

5. Inertia

Is your job consuming you? Stagnant? No growth? Losing the ability to focus? No energy to do other things?


If you feel like you've been there for a long time, but you haven't become a better person, then maybe it's time to quit. If your job is all that you can think about, pushing people away because work, work, work, then quit.

Our bodies are the best instrument that can tell us it's time to quit and move on. Quit before your body gives up on you.

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