May 04, 2016 09:48 AM EDT

Tesla Motors Revenues In An Upbeat, Jobs And Employment Stability Attained By Tesla?

Recent figures have revealed the revenues of Tesla Motors in upbeat. With the upbeat returns and revenues for Tesla Motors, notions of jobs and employment stability attained by Tesla arise.

Given the instability of jobs and employment, uncertainties are looming on the corner for all workers and jobseekers. However, while some companies are reporting downside revenues, Tesla on the other hand shifts to a different angle of higher sales and returns. In a post from Reuters, "Company founder and CEO Elon Musk may not mention Tesla Motors Inc's (TSLA.O) stock price when his electric car company gives its latest financial update on Wednesday, but it will be front and center for investors divided over its seemingly rich valuation."

Also, Tesla's market capitalization is currently set at $31 billion, which is equivalent to $620,000 for every car it delivered last year, or $63,000 for every car it hopes to produce in 2020, in comparison to General Motors Co's which currently holds $48 billion market value and is equivalent to about $4,800 for every vehicle it sold last year, reports the same post.

Given the reality that Tesla Motors belongs to the world's 10 most-shorted companies in terms of market value, the company continues to remain resilient in an economy that showcases instability and volatility.

On a different scale, this is not the only achievement that could give Tesla more reason to celebrate because it has even achieved a feat that is unparalleled and irrevocable. Jobs & Hire reports that Tesla's new bio-defense mode feature that filters polluted air is propelling Tesla on the pedestal and not on the losing edge.

However, even though Tesla Motors revenues are in an upbeat, it is not a full assurance that jobs and employment stability is completely attained by Tesla but for now, the revenues have marked an era of assurance and strength for the company and for its workforce.

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