May 07, 2016 03:33 AM EDT

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 42 Spoilers: Vegeta To Train Cabba? Goku To Fight Monaka

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 42 will reportedly show the fight between Goku and Monaka. The next installment of the series will feature the events after the inter-universe tournament.

According to Christian Today, the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 42 trailer has revealed that the Super Saiyan and the Universe 7 fighter will be facing off in this Sunday's episode. Monaka was introduced before the tournament as the most powerful fighter that Beerus has ever met.

However, according to Kpopstarz, it was eventually revealed in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 38 that Monaka was not strong at all. Whis and Beerus just lied to Goku and Vegeta so that they will train very hard to become stronger.

Apparently, some believe that Monaka may actually have the necessary skills and training to battle it out with the other fighters. There are speculations that he is "severely restricted due to his passive and shy nature."

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 42 may show Monaka getting over his introversion. Moreover, he may now have the motivation and the skills to fight Goku.

"To celebrate the victory against the team of the 6th Universe, Goku and his friends throw a party at Capsule Corporation," the episode's synopsis read, via Yibada. "But there it is revealed that Monaka, the supposed Strongest Fighter of the 7th Universe, is actually a weakling!?"

Moreover, Ecumenical News noted that Cabba may train under Vegeta in the future. The fighter called the Saiyan Prince as "master."

Cabba has also revealed that he will visit Planet Salad soon. There is a big possibility that the fighter will be trained by Vegeta.

It was previously reported that "Dragon Ball Super" episode 42 is entitled "Finally, The Confrontation with Monaka." It will be aired this Sunday, May 8.

Titles for "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 43, 44 and 45 have also been revealed. "Dragon Ball Super" episode 41 revealed that Zeno, the Omni-King, enjoyed the tournament and that he would like to meet the fighters from the different universes. This led to speculations that there may be another tournament in the future.

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