May 07, 2016 03:46 AM EDT

'Pokémon GO' Release Date To Be Announced Next Week? New Gameplay Footage Leaked

News about Nintendo and Niantic's augmented reality game will reportedly be announced next week. Hopefully, the "Pokémon GO" release date would be revealed by then.

According to Neurogadget, fans were disappointed when no news on the "Pokémon GO" release date and other information were released on Thursday. Although an announcement has not been hinted, some believe that they have found out Niantic's pattern for updates.

Apparently, the company has been making new announcements on the first Thursdays of March and April. The "Pokémon GO" field test for Japan was confirmed on Thursday, Mar. 3, while the beta for New Zealand and Australia were announced on Thursday, Apr. 7.

This led to the excitement of fans over a new announcement. There are speculations that the news would be about another field test schedule or the "Pokémon GO" release date.

The publication noted that fans have overlooked one more pattern regarding Niantic's announcements. Even though Mar. 3 and Apr. 7 were first Thursdays of the month, the dates were also exactly five weeks apart.

May 5 was only four weeks after Apr. 7 hence the lack of news about Nintendo's augmented reality game. Neurogadget added that a new announcement could be expected next Thursday, May 12. It is unknown whether the information will be about the "Pokémon GO" release date or other gameplay details.

Meanwhile, a new "Pokémon GO" gameplay footage has been leaked once again. MobiPicker reported that the video was taken from the field test from Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
The clip showed the player's encounter with a Gastly Pokémon at night. It was revealed that the player had to enable AR mode and turn on the phone's flashlight. The game's world is transform at night mode and will also have a different variety of Pokémon.

The website commented, though, that this may have negative repercussions as it is not safe to wander off at night in several parts of the world. "Pokémon GO" integrates reality into the game allowing players to catch Pokémon "in the real world."

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