May 07, 2016 06:21 AM EDT

Mother's Day Special: Americans Spend $22 Billion for Moms; Moms Deserve More

Americans are estimated to spend $22 billion on Mother's Day. However, it is believed that they deserve more than just $258 each. There are 85 million mothers in the U.S.A.

According to Douglas Forbes, in his Huffington Post, mothers deserve more.

"They deserve to represent more Congressional seats than 20 out of 100 (20 percent) in the Senate and 84 out 435 (19 percent) in the House.

"They deserve to represent more than just 5 percent of CEOs.

"They deserve more help with cooking, cleaning and laundry as men contribute less than half the time that women contribute to such tasks.

"They deserve more than 30 per cent of news media camera time.

"They deserve more parity when it comes to consumer purchases that cost more for them than men, including mortgages, cars, clothing and personal care products.

"They deserve more protection from sexual assault in the military as they suffer five times the number of incidents of male counterparts. And they deserve far more protection and support from sexual violence overall since 1 in 5 is raped during her lifetime.

"They deserve more than a retirement in poverty, in light of the fact that they earn 32 percent less than men in benefit income and are more than twice as likely to wind up impoverished, based on significantly less work income throughout their lifetimes."

True enough, mothers or women, in general, work the same hours and days as men do. However, they are paid less even though they exceed men in many areas of life, including intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence.

Forbes also says that women earn at least 20 percent lesser than men. However, that should not be the case. Since they are paid lesser than men, they should be able to demand 20 percent more time off from work to make up for this.

If this will be addressed, then maybe "there [will] be a Mother's Day worthy of any celebration," he said.

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