May 09, 2016 07:54 AM EDT

Did NASA Send Mars Rover To Investigate Alien Humanoid?

A video posted on YouTube recently suggests that a blue water lake and a humanoid could be present on Mars. The photos going around the internet and social media sites are probably sourced from NASA as well.

The question is: why is this news not making the headlines all over the United States and elsewhere? This video introduces the probability that there is an alien on the Red Planet and also a blue water lake.

The video sharing site is a good place for believers in aliens and UFOs to share and post their discoveries, postulations and predictions. We don't really know but the photos could be authentic, inducing many to hold the notion that we are not really alone in this vast universe.

If this isn't so, NASA wouldn't be spending billions of dollars of tax payers' money trying to find life, or signs of it, on Mars. It begs the question: Did the space agency send the Mars rover Curiosity to just take soil samples and shot some selfies that they can post on Twitter, Facebook, and so forth, or make contact with a humanoid on its surface?

There may be more to the Curiosity's mission than just taking soil samples and taking some photos - if there is an alien walking on its surface. One of the objectives of the rover is perhaps making contact with that entity.

This video shows what appears to be a blue lake of water in the Red Planet. A little later on, the video pans out to a humanoid figure, although a bit fuzzy.

It would be interesting to note that Elon Musk and his SpaceX has been planning to land its rocket on Mars by 2018. Or is there already a man there, may be a Russian cosmonaut or a Chinese astronaut?

In addition, this month, Mars will be at its closest proximity to Earth than it has been in a decade. So NASA could get clearer pictures and videos than the one seen here.

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