May 10, 2016 08:12 AM EDT

Returning To Work? What You Need To Do When Making A Career Comeback

By Jane Reed

There are a lot of American employees who have stayed at home for a brief portion of their working life for one reason or another.

Some are new parents who would want to devote more time with their family and kids, so they decided to drop their careers for a brief period. Others may have been burnt out from their work that they decided they wanted a long-term vacation. These and other reasons are sometimes temporary which begs the question, how are workers going to enter the workforce successfully after a long period?

Fox Television Anchor Cheryl Casone tackles this question through her new book titled "The Comeback: How Today's Mom's Can Reenter the Workplace Successfully." Market Watch has it that the book mostly targets moms who wants to restart their careers but it can be applicable to everyone. She calls it a "career comeback." Market Watch sat down with Casone and discussed major points in her book. Such as, what is the biggest mistake people make when making a career comeback?

According to Casone, women feel insecure and guilty. She claims that these are the two mistakes women make because these emotions hold them back from being their best self.

How about for those who think they're not updated because they've been disconnected from the industry far too long? Casone explains that they should reach out and reconnect with the network. It's a slow process but it helps. Go on and beyond LinkedIn and join networking events, as well as getting in touch with previous peers and friends.

Market Watch asks Casone how does one strategically time a career comeback? Casone explains that you need to know what you want to do before you start the job hunt. In addition, she says that people should be prepared with the abrupt change such as childcare and commute. She advices not to make a generic CV. She also says that if anyone asks about that gap in your resume, you can just spin it and make sure to dig deep and find the best advantages from it and highlight them.

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