May 10, 2016 08:28 AM EDT

Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. DLC Works In Minecraft, Creators and Workers Invested To Merge Platform Differences?

It all bodes well for Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Minecraft as both platforms merges to allow gamers to play with diversity and ease. It has been noted that Mario will now be playable in Minecraft. A leap that that the creator and the workers have invested in so that connection are formed despite the varying platforms.

According to Ars Technica, "The release of yet another bit of cosmetic DLC for one specific version of Minecraft isn't usually the kind of thing we'd take the time to write about at Ars. But the latest skin pack for the game caught our eye because it marks the first time that characters from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. series have shown up in a game published by an ostensible console competitor: Microsoft, in this case."

The "Super Mario Mash-Up Pack" will launch as a free download exclusively for the Wii U version of the game on May 17 and come included on the retail disc when it launches on June 17 (the downloadable version launched on Wii U last December) and it includes 40 Mario-themed skins, new world and item textures inspired by the Mario series, and 15 pieces of music from Super Mario 64, as noted by the same post.

This is not the first that Minecraft has implemented business strategies, reports Jobs & Hire. As both platforms deviates from the traditional game play, more thrilling and better gaming experience awaits the gamers.

As Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. DLC affirms the option to play in Minecraft, creators and developers can see their improvements and investment render back positive returns for both segments.

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