May 11, 2016 07:33 AM EDT

5 Tips to Increase Productivity And Reduce Procrastination

By Mikey. B

Getting work done in an efficient way is actually possible. While it is not rocket science, there are specific steps that you can take to make sure you get everything done as soon as possible. Just what can you do to make sure you get work done? See these 5 tips to increase productivity and reduce procrastination.

1. Start Difficult Tasks First

It is the natural tendency of the brain to choose to simulate feelings of productivity when a huge project is looming above. Instead of getting right into it, doing other menial and superficial tasks is the brain's way of coping. It is not just a matter of lack of willpower-most times there is will power-so knowing this should help in accomplishing that task!

2. Sleep Over Naps

Sure, there is real science that backs up the effectiveness of taking naps throughout the day. However, it cannot be denied that a full night's rest compared to a lot of naps is much more beneficial in terms of getting work done the next day. Stop yourself from thinking that a siesta here and there will be good enough for you and can take the place of actual sleep.

3. Annoying Tasks Have Priority

Yes, yes, this is much (much) easier said than done. However, think about it. Once you finish a task you deem annoying and truly difficult, there is a sensation of instant gratification. At this point, there will be an automatic response that tells you that you have spent your time well. This affects your productivity in a positive way and the feeling is likely to be carried on throughout the day.

4. Distance Yourself

Panic is less likely to play its mind games when you fool your mind into thinking that it is not actually you who is being stressed into doing particular tasks. This mental distance allows you to be less affected about consequences and catastrophes when it does not affect you directly, or so it seems. It may seem sad, but imagining that the task is being done by somebody else actually does work.

5. Analyze Yourself

Why do you procrastinate? Getting to the root of your own personal reasons is essential in getting over it. Is your retail therapy a response to your feelings of doom and failure because you are a perfectionist? Knowing what makes you tick can definitely help you talk yourself into doing the tasks you need to do.

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