May 16, 2016 09:38 AM EDT

‘Doom ’ News And Updates: ‘Doom’ Remake Set To Make The Game Great Again

Fresh news and updates regarding "Doom" revealed of the strategic changes embedded on the game features to make the game great again. Also, gamers can expect more of this game owing to the altered features and upgrades on the game.

The world of gamers and shooters have certainly changed since Doom 3 landed on Xbox and PC more than ten years ago, granting relief to ascertain that the new "Doom" embodies the spirit its predecessors have.

According to Gamespot, The game is laced with modern touches, such as Glory Kills get a lot of attention but after a handful of hours with the campaign, the core experience is thus far familiar feeling in the ways that truly matter.

Other changes are the enemies, the demons and the guns and game locations. Also, Melee is an integral part of combat thanks to the presence of Glory Kills and these contextual attacks show you violently dismembering enemies, but it's for more than sheer spectacle, as noted by the same post.

Additional report from Ars Technica indicated, "Because Bethesda Softworks didn't make a final version of its new "Doom" reboot available to press, the focus the holographic projections, video screens, and the occasional environmental detail on a corpse."

Moreover, it appears that the game has lacked the aspect of animations. Nevertheless, Overall, the basic strafe-and-shoot mechanics feels instantly reminiscent of the classic "Doom" games of old and with so many of today's shooters relying on stop-and-pop shooting that requires cowering behind whatever cover the gamer can find, it's refreshing to play a game that lets the gamer rush in to cut-and-dodge through a room full of enemies out in the open and at speed, as cited by the same post.

It remains uncertain on whether the latest updates concerning "Doom" and the remake would shift the game and make it great again. All the same, the game has set a legacy that gamers have grown to love for decades.

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