May 16, 2016 04:56 AM EDT

'The Walking Dead' Ezekiel Casting Calls Are Out, Major Comic Character Is Rick’s Ally

By Jane Reed

Filming has already commenced for "The Walking Dead" season 7 in Peachtree City, Georgia and the fans are out searching for clues as to what's happening next.

It could also be good news for actors who are into the series and are looking for jobs. There is a "The Walking Dead" Ezekiel casting being called out. Casting calls for Ezekiel, a major "The Walking Dead" comic book character is slated to become a new ally for Rick and Alexandria. In the comic books, Ezekiel is a leader of a survivor group known as "The Kingdom." His fate rests upon joining Rick and will fight against Negan. Plus, Ezekiel will have his own pet tiger named Shiva. He is a self-proclaimed king in "The Kingdom" and was a zoo-keeper, which makes sense as to why he would have a tiger for a pet in the first place.

However, io9 has noted there is a difference in the casting advertisement. Casting for Ezekiel calls for a "a recurring part, the 'flamboyant and wise, nice and weird' Augustus." If the question of its authenticity is on the line, the official Instagram account of "The Walking Dead" has even posted on the social media app an announcement that Ezekiel and Shiva will definitely show up in "The Walking Dead" season 7.

So, if you're an aspiring African-American actor that looks like he is in his 40s, then you may be able to get the part. All you need to do is read up on the series or comics for some background - unless a much more famous actor is already being lined up for the part. As a tidbit on a side, his majesty appears to have an affair with Michonne, as TV Line has it.

Who do you think should get the part?

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