May 16, 2016 04:42 AM EDT

Best Sales Tips From Experts On How To Make Lots Of Money

Business, especially in today's rapidly changing world, can be tough. Here are some sales tips from experts that can help you increase your profits.

Business Insider collated 21 best sales tips from the book entitled "100 Sales Tips for 2016." These words of wisdom are taken from experts from various industries.

"Higher the risk, higher the payoff," Lighthouse3 CEO Mia Dand said. " That's just how life works. So go big or go home."

Plus, according to Mark Hunter of The Sales Hunter, salespeople should learn to prepare for possible questions in addition to their presentation. "The best sales presentations are the ones never given, because the salesperson and the customer are having a discussion around the questions being asked," he added.

Marketing vice president of Nextiva Yaniv Masjedi also advised to include videos in your sales pitch. Engage your audience and catch their attention by walking around the room. You can add videos to clarify and explain valid points.

For those whose consumers come from all around the world, it will definitely help your business if you learn the local language. Shy away from generics. Incorporate colors, font and imagery to make a personal impact on your audience.

Don't be afraid to give discounts. "Always give a discount to someone who tends to bargain," Rohan Ayyar, a marketing expert and columnist, said. "Customer acquisition cost: a bit higher. Customer ego boost: priceless."

"Make friends with their friends (read: gatekeepers)," Ayyar added. "Even the busiest decision maker can't resist a personal recommendation."

CNBC noted that Alan Alford, the top salesman at Geico, believes that his best sales tip is to listen to people. He has already written nearly 32,000 insurance policies over his 17-year career.

"Believe it or not, a lot of people think salespeople are just great talkers, which I am," Alford said. "But I think the listening is the biggest part."

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