May 19, 2016 06:41 AM EDT

Saving Money Daily, A List Of 14 Miserly Ramblings

Money.. there just never seems to be enough of it. Here're some random thoughts from a miserly Scrooge.

01. Don't overeat. Be healthy. Contrary to these days' common practice, there's just supposed to be 3 meals in a day. Not 8.

02. Have your coffee at home. Coffee's coffee.

03. Make baby food at home. It won't only cost less, it'd probably taste better.

04. Shut off the shower while you soap or shampoo. You're wasting water, you're wasting soap, you're wasting shampoo. you really need the soap?

05. Pack your lunch when going to work. Your Mom did it for you. Reminisce. I miss my lunch pail....

06. Drink water instead of soft drinks. Notice you still look for water after all that soda? Nothing beats thirst faster than a warm glass of water.

07. Stop hiring people for housework you can do yourself. You probably need the exercise more than the handyman anyway.

08. Recycle old clothes. Turn them into cleaning rags. Stop fooling yourself you still fit in your tattered Van Halen shirt.

09. Cut back on eating out frequently. In fact, cut back on eating altogether (see #1).

10. Instead of throwing parties at hotels, clubs and restaurants, have them at home. What am I saying.. have your friend throw the party.

11. Never fill your tank to the brim. It's unnecessary weight. ..well don't let it go empty either.

12. Don't buy food if you don't need it. Don't eat if you don't have to (see #1).

13. Use a fan instead of an air conditioner when it isn't too hot. Turn off the fan too. People PAY to use the sauna at the spa, you get to have the service for free.

14. Stop using paper towels. Use rags (see #8). I love trees.

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