May 19, 2016 06:44 AM EDT

The Job Interview Checklist

Present day companies, having learned the consequences of hiring the wrong people, have begun to realize the importance of the job interview. The screenings have become more efficient, the interviews more in-depth.

Here are a few things to consider that would hopefully, not only put you at par, but set you apart from and ahead of the rest.

1. Research, research, research. It could never be stressed enough for one to know as much as one could possibly know whether it be about the company and its services, the position and its duties, among many other details. If you could go as far as knowing the interviewer's background, better still. It's possible to know everything but knowing as much as possible cuts down the unknown and places you at an advantage.

2. Create an impressive and updated resume that highlights your skillsets for the position. Have a story to "humanize" your resume and show who you are beyond the piece of paper?

3. More and more companies are making use of technology and are doing 3video interviews to hasten screening and gain more insight of the prospective applicants. Be ready for it. Treat it as you would a personal face-to-face. It's what'll get you there.

4. Dress appropriately. Have your outfit laid out and prepared for the day of the interview. Personal hygiene, hair, teeth, nails, these are things you could actually control. A blemished shirt, a missing tie, a damaged shoe, these are things that should no longer be a concern on the day of the interview. Having pen and paper in hand's always handy and please.. mind that cellular phone. You wouldn't want that going off in the mid-spiel. Details details.

5. Be calm, be confident, be focused. If coffee affects your demeanor, forego your cappuccino until after the interview. If it helps then, by all means, indulge. Be pleasant, be gracious. Some companies get feedback from the staff you meet on the way in. May it be maintenance mopping the halls or the receptionist who'd let you in. Bear in mind, they're not only looking for someone capable but someone pleasant to work with.

6. A number of tests may be given before the interview to assess skills and psychological profile. Some companies even have drug screenings.

7. Know the correlations between your experience and the position you're applying for so you'll be able to better demonstrate your value to the role. Try to think up possible questions that may come up. Think up the unexpected. The interviewers shall be looking not only at your knowledge but how well you handle yourself when thrown a curve ball. Have you your own set of questions to ask of the company as well as the position you're applying for. This is where your knowledge would show that you'd invested both time and effort in the undertaking.

8. Have the courtesy to thank the interviewers afterwards whether it be vocal, written or by e-mail. It leaves a good impression and the e-mail would, at the same serve, as a follow up and a reminder that you are interested.

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