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Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Alba, Mark Zuckerberg, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jay Leno: Money Saving Sense From Celebrities

"Live within your means" has always been good advice. It still is but Jennifer Lawrence of "Hunger Games" franchise fame takes it a notch higher with a lifestyle that can only be summed up with an even more frugal "Live BELOW your means." 

The young star still lives in the same 3 bedroom apartment she got when she'd first moved to L.A., drives a $39,000 Chevy Volt and prefers to park her own car instead of paying for a valet.

Pretty impressive when one considers that her net worth's $60 million at only 25 years of age.

Sarah Jessica Parker whose character in "Sex in the City" indulges in expensive designer labels feels it's hers and Matthew Broderick's responsibility to stress upon their son, James Wilkie, the value of money. James wears hand-me-downs from older nephews. Parker hails from a family of 8 and remembers growing up on welfare.

Angelina Jolie, whose combined net worth with husband Brad Pitt's estimated close to $400 million practices the same as their youngest children also wears the clothes from the older ones whom they no longer fit. Jessica Alba's 18-month-old daughter Haven plays with toys previously enjoyed by 4-year-old daughter Honor.

It's not only the savings, which are practical by themselves, but the lessons passed on to the children teaching them the value of sharing.

One may think that celebrities only wear glamorous outfits but Justin Timberlake considers himself frugal as he buys clothes about only once a year. Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon earns between $15-20 million per movie buys vintage clothing, trades outfits with friends and wears items from the Gap and J. Crew. Tyra Banks only wears expensive designer labels when paid to do it while First Lady Michelle Obama not only wears clothes from H&M discount stores but also shops at Target.

Jay Leno believes in trying to have more than just one source of income. Having earned millions as a former host on "The Tonight Show", Leno once told Parade magazine: "When I was a kid, I had two jobs. I worked at a Ford dealership and at a McDonald's. I'd spend the money from one job and save the money from the other. That's still the way I am now. I live on the money I make as a comedian, and I put all the TV money in the bank. I've never spent a dime of TV money - ever."

Former hit TV series "Mad Men" cast member Vincent Kartheiser prefers public transportation over having his own car. On an interview with the New York Times he'd stated: "Instead of driving and being stressed out about traffic, you can work your scene, you can do your exercises or whatever on the bus."

Praised for his portrayal of billionaire and aviation tycoon Howard Hughes, Leonardo DiCaprio has this to say: "I don't pay lavish expenses. I don't fly private jets. I still have only one car, and that's a Toyota Prius. I don't spend money on a lot. Money is very important to me because it allows me the freedom to choose what I want to do as an actor and most importantly because I want to accumulate enough so that one day I can do something really great and beneficial for other people, for the environment or for children."

So Listen to Leo. He's only 41 years old. He's not doing too shabbily with a net worth of $245 million and he's expected to be worth even more after finally having won a much deserved Oscar for "The Revenant".

Almost forgot.. There's also that island he'd bought off the coast of Belize in 2005..

Warren Edward Buffett, American business magnate, investor and philanthropist. He is considered as the most successful investor on the planet hence the title "Oracle of Omaha".

He was ranked wealthiest in 2008 and third wealthiest in 2012. Time magazine considers him one of the world's most influential people. He has an estimated net worth of $63 BILLION.

He cautions people not leave their kids with too much money, just enough to make them feel like they can do anything but not so much that they feel that they don't have to do anything.

His favorite food? Cheeseburgers.

If you find yourself stuck for half the day on Facebook, you have Mark Zuckerburg to thank (or blame) for it. The American programmer, internet entrepreneur and philanthropist is the chairman, chief executive and co-founder of Facebook. In short, He IS Facebook. Last May 14, 2016, he'd turned 32. He's estimated net worth in 2016, is $51.8 billion. 

Last 2012, on his 28th birthday, he decided to marry his college sweetheart Priscilla Chan. At the time he was reportedly worth $19 billion. With billions to spare, some in his place would have thought to probably buy an island, build a cathedral, construct a great hall and buy out a favorite caterer. The couple invites 100 guests who thought they were celebrating her graduation from med school, gets their 2 favorite restaurants Palo Alto Sol and Fuki Sushi to cater, and gets married in their own backyard.

They also pledged to give away 99% of his Facebook shares.

 "Money can't buy you happiness, but it'll pay for the search." by Prince

"Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want,to impress people they don't like." by Will Smith

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