May 26, 2016 02:13 AM EDT

Microsoft Sneaks Windows 10 Update Without Users' Knowledge?

Microsoft is currently facing backlash over the way that it is sneaking in its Windows 10 update. Apparently, the upgrade is now being done without users' knowledge.

PC World reported how Microsoft is tricking Windows 7 or 8 users into confirming a Windows 10 update. The tech giant has long been criticized for its use of "heavy-handed tactics" in an effort to migrate 1 billion users to the new operating system.

The Windows 10 update pop-up started using deceiving methods, similar to malware, months ago. However, it seems as if the pop-up is redesigned to confuse users and trick them to agreeing to the upgrade.

"That nasty change trick resulted in my wife's beloved Windows 7 PC being sneakily upgraded to Windows 10 this morning," Brad Chacos, senior editor of PC World, wrote. "Sure, she has 30 days to roll it back to Windows 7, but she feels so betrayed-like Microsoft forcibly removed her control over her own PC-that she's strongly considering embracing the Dark Side and buying a Mac, instead."

Last December, the Windows 10 update pop-up changed its options to "Upgrade Now" or "Start Download, Upgrade Later." To exit the window, users had to click the "X" button.

The Windows 10 update has been redesigned again, though. This time, Microsoft treats exiting the window as consent for the upgrade.

"Based on customer feedback, in the most recent version of the Get Windows 10(GWX) app, we confirm the time of your scheduled upgrade and provide you an additional opportunity for cancelling or rescheduling the upgrade," Microsoft said.

According to Huffington Post, users can opt to decline the Windows 10 update. It took for about an hour for the changes to revert back to Windows 7.

There are also two free programs that can be used to disable the automatic Windows 10 update. Never 10 resets the computer to disable the upgrade while the GWX Control Panel deletes Windows 10 files that have already been downloaded.

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