May 27, 2016 04:26 AM EDT

SpaceX Launches Mission To Meet Aliens; Scientists Discover Wormhole

By Jane Reed

Comicbooks and science fiction novels have always written about wormholes in space. Wormholes are an opportunity to meet aliens. This time, however, a laboratory made wormhole was created. Scientists have discovered the possibilities of quantum leaps and time travel. As they continue to find out if there are huge implications on the space-time continuum, NASA and SpaceX plans to make contact with aliens.

Those things highlighted above may sound far fetched, but NASA and SpaceX have been making huge strides in space exploration and aerospace. According to Clapway, both companies are willing to make contact with aliens through the use of laboratory-made wormholes.

The possibilities of wormholes excites SpaceX. The lab wormhole created in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, can connect areas of space magnetically. This recent Youtube video discusses the recent creation of that wormhole.

SpaceX's direction may either change or add. When the possibilities of traveling to alternate universes are within reach, Elon Musk will not miss the opportunity to travel through a wormhole. But wormholes are doors which means it opens both ways. Aliens may also grab the chance to travel toward Earth - and all those science fiction novels could come true.

Elon Musk and SpaceX continues to employ intellectual individuals that can help propel SpaceX's goal forward, for humans to be able to live on Mars - and even beyond.

Maybe SpaceX can sort it out by sending one of their Dragon spacecrafts to meet aliens in another universe, but for that, they need great minds to engineer, develop and design transportation and other materials and equipment that is fit for wormhole travel.

Are you an undergraduate or a post graduate looking for experience? You may just be able to intern (or even work) at SpaceX. Space Exploration Technologies gathers employees from everywhere. As long as you've got the grit and intelligence for problem solving, you could be the guy or girl for the job.

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