Jun 01, 2016 10:26 AM EDT

SpaceX Sparks With Space War And NASA Approves?

It stands out that wars are not only brewing here on earth but it has reached the dark and unending horizon of space. Apprehensions are rising for anyone involved in space missions and NASA is fully aware of it. With that in mind, getting SpaceX on board might solidify the agencies presence in the outer space.

 Paranoia can sometimes drove people to do things beyond recall. For NASA, self-preservation is vital. A former report from Clapway showed that there is always an investigation after a launch goes wrong for NASA, which is one paranoid space agency, especially since Russian engines power most of their missions.

In the interest of self-preservation, Putin could destroy future NASA missions if he feels they are a threat to his reign and naturally, SpaceX is the obvious alternative and to prove the latter, NASA already drops $400 million into their private tech company, reports the same post.

It stands to reason that SpaceX can either adhere or lose some of its funding. Given the contingency,

The U.S. Defense Department is on the verge of replacing a Russian rocket engine and one way to do that is the intervention of SpaceX.

Moreover, one of the means to gain an upper hand is to utilize the Falcon and overhaul it a bit so that it can cater to the needs that NASA would require. It could either function as a satellite payload or a whole lot more. The plan might be good but it is easier said that done as it would require multiple bureaucratic channels and clearances along with modifications. A former post from Jobs & Hire revealed that SpaceX might be recruited to engage in military ventures.

It remains uncertain on how NASA and SpaceX would meet halfway and on how to utilize technology to strengthen both segments prowess here on earth and on space.

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