Jun 01, 2016 05:03 AM EDT

New 'Winds Of Winter' Chapter Revealed At Balticon

George R.R. Martin has revealed a new "Winds of Winter" chapter at Balticon 2016. The event was held on Sunday in Maryland.

Vulture reported that the "Song of Ice and Fire" author read a never-before-seen "Winds of Winter" chapter at Balticon 2016. The excerpt, entitled "The Forsaken," is about Aeron and Euron Greyjoy.

"This [chapter] is similar in character to Ramsay Bolton," he said to the crowd. "You are some sick motherf--kers."

The new "Winds of Winter" chapter revealed how Aeron Greyjoy's life has taken a turn from the worse after he left the kingsmoot. Apparently, he was kidnapped by Euron's goons and got locked up in a series of dungeons, being tortured by his big brother.

Moreover, it was confirmed that Euron did sexually abuse Aeron. "I could hear you praying from outside the door," Euron told the Aeron. "I always wondered: Were you praying that I would choose you or that I would pass you by?"

The new "Winds of Winter" chapter also depicted Euron as a dark sorcerer who uses different ideologies borrowed from several cultures to strengthen his evilness. Aeron's vision in "The Forsaken," brought about when he was fed with liquid hallucinogens, showed Euron sitting on the Iron Throne with the different gods impaled on it.

There are speculations that Euron may soon become the new Night's King. In another vision in the excerpt, Aeron saw his brother with "a shadow in woman's form, long and tall and terrible, her hands alive with pale white fire."

In the new "Winds of Winter" chapter, Euron shows up with a strange black armor "edged in red gold," with "whorls and glyphs and arcane symbols folded into the steel." This confirms his previous claims that he has visited Valyria and has acquired Valyrian steel.

According to Digital Spy, the "Winds of Winter" chapter implied that a battle between Euron and a fleet sent by the Iron Throne may end with black magic and human sacrifice. The publication commented that "Euron sounds like a pretty awful guy."

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