Jun 03, 2016 12:25 PM EDT

Ryan Gosling Thinks Women Are Far More Superior Than Men

By Jane Reed

Have you ever seen that meme going around on Facebook of Ryan Gosling calling out, "Hey Girl?"

His thoughts on women may just make you think some more about that meme. Currently busy going around the country promoting his new movie called "The Nice Guys" with Russell Crowe, Gosling sat down in an exclusive interview to talk about women.

He starts off by saying that women are much more stronger and evolved compared to men. He may have first hand observation and experience on this one, growing up in a home and being raised by his own mother and older sister. He also has two daughters of his own with actress Eva Mendes. Relating to his own family, he says - "You can tell especially when you have daughters and you see their early stages, they are just leaps and bounds beyond boys immediately." ES Magazine has it that he also took dance classes when he was younger, making him more connected to his feminine side. According to USA Today, Gosling tenderly expresses that women are "... Better than us. They make me better."

He continued to say that he has always liked women more compared to his gender. At one point, he mentioned that he may just as well be made up of 49% woman. Or sometimes 47%. "Depends on what day you catch me," he said jokingly. He also wasn't privy about sharing his political views on the United States Presidential race. Though he's a Canadian, and has nothing to do with American politics, he thinks that the government needs a "woman's touch." Gosling Implicitly called out his side for Hillary Clinton with that statement. His political view somehow connects with his 49% woman side. 

Do you think those "Hey, Girl" posters of Ryan Gosling have a different meaning now?

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