Jun 03, 2016 12:13 PM EDT

Job Interview Tips: How To Be Respected, Headhunter Advises

By Jane Reed

Ever had a bad job interview? Applicants have had horror stories about how they are being treated during job interviews. The main reason this happens is because the applicants allow them to get disrespected.

When you think about it, employers control the jobs. That gives them the assuming power that they can dish out any abuse they want to heap on job candidates. They make applicants jump heaps in order to get the job they want. When this happens, PBS describes job applicants behaving like beggars. In turn, they are being disrespected.

How can you avoid this?

Follow these simple tips to gain results and respect.

1. Insist on meeting or talking with the hiring manager first when you're called to an interview. Your time is precious, especially when you're currently working. Don't be shy in saying that you want to meet the hiring manager first.

2. State your expectations - Make an agenda for your meeting. For the meeting to be valuable to you both, research about the job, the manager and the company. LinkedIn is a great place to look. How can you demonstrate your value to the employer if you haven't done your research? Know what the manager needs help with and work through that.

3. Emphasize that your time is valuable. Come a little early and agree to an exact time. If he's not there at the schedule agreed upon, you can leave after 15 minutes. They should also exhibit the same professionalism.

4. Expect respect - If the manager doesn't greet you personally, then there's no professional courtesy involved. According to Corcodilos, a hiring manager who respects applicants gets the same respect back.

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