Jun 07, 2016 05:34 PM EDT

New 'Warcraft' Movie Trailer Reveals Film's Easter Eggs; Transmog Items Now In Game

A new "Warcraft" movie trailer has been released. It featured how the real sets looked like as well as Easter eggs found in the film.

Tech Crunch reported that the featurette focuses on the set for Stormwind Market. What's more interesting it that the new "Warcraft" movie trailer revealed where Easter eggs can be found. Hardcore gamers will definitely see a lot of familiar elements from "World of Warcraft."

The publication noted that the video also showed how the "Warcraft" movie production built "big, practical sets" instead of merely relying on computer-generated special effects. The film is slated for release in the U.S. on Jun. 10.

According to /FILM, director Duncan Jones previously released several behind-the-scene pictures on Twitter. Most photos focused on Stormwind.

"That was one of a number of big, beautiful sets built for 'Warcraft' movie," Jones tweeted. "Some of the set for the Stormwind city exteriors," he said in another tweet.

Jones talked to PCMag about their elaborately designed sets. "There were so many huge, big physical sets that we built for this movie," he said, "amazing places where you would walk on it and all of a sudden you'd be striding through Elwynn Forest, and we built a section of the forest, as well all of those known locations like the Lion's Pride Tavern, or the throne room, the streets of Stormwind, or the orc camp itself, these are actual physical places that we built."

Meanwhile, Blizzard is giving out new "World of Warcraft" items that tie-in with the "Warcraft" movie. The company reminded players on its blog.

Players who will log in from today until Aug. 1 are eligible for "special 'Warcraft' movie-themed items on the first Alliance and Horde character to log in." The Alliance will receive a sword and shield item while those from the Horde will get the staff of Gul'dan and a battle axe.

These items are only for transmog purposes, though. These can also be traded across factions.

"Once the updated Transmogrification system releases with Legion, items received during the promotional period will be automatically added to the Wardrobe even if they have been deleted from your inventory," Blizzard wrote.

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