Jun 15, 2016 11:42 AM EDT

Apple WWDC 2016, iOS 10 Release, Beta And Other Updates

By Jane Reed

In the recent Apple WWDC 2016 keynote talk, Apple executives invested greatly on the iOS 10. They talked about how the iOS 10 release will make iMessage different. It is described to be more colorful, featured and maybe more cluttered.

The iMessage is trying to grab the messaging train. The company's iMessage strategy to steal from Snapchat and Facebook is going strong. To make it more appealing to younger users, Apple is grabbing bits and pieces from its competitors. Say goodbye to the blue bubble. It will be replaced with something more interactive. The Verge has it that during this fall, users will be able to send custom text bubble graphics. Users will also be able to send messages with full-screen animations and send "hidden messages" in "invisible ink" that requires a swipe to be revealed. Like Facebook, it can doodle over a picture in different colors and reply with stickers and other emoji graphics.

Apple's chat service aims to be a full-blown messaging platform. Most users are heavy on the Facebook Messenger or WeChat train and Apple wants in on that pie. The newest features coming from the iOS 10 will enable users to communicate on the same level and ways they already are.

Apple's iMessage at the WWDC16 is a big deal. According to analyst Frank Gillet from Forrester, it enables the company to "offer a more natural fluid experience to customers that builds on chat innovations pioneered by WeChat and others."

The goal of the company is to ensure iMessage will become a communication platform users would want to use because currently, iPhone users can live without it since they've already installed Facebook Messenger and other third party platforms on their smart phones. Now, with the popularity of competing products - many of which work cross platform on both iOS and Android - Apple can't rely on just being present. iMessage has to be better.

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