Jun 28, 2016 07:03 AM EDT

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Shares 3 Simple Tips To Running A Great Meeting

Meetings, when done the right way, can be effective and efficient. Leaders need to learn how to utilize it to its full potential.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella talked about various topics with The Wall Street Journal. In the interview, he also shared three simple tips on how to run effective meetings.

1. Listen more. According to Inc., leaders should listen actively during meetings. Listening well has become rare, due in part to the distractions that technology brings. The chairman or moderator should be the one to guide a meeting to be efficient and productive.

2. Talk less. There are obvious advantages to talking less, one of which is have more time to listen. By talking less, you can shift the focus to others and give them the chance to speak their minds. Listening more can also give you the time to balance rational thought with emotional outbursts. You will have more time to think and form better questions on the discussion based on information you glean while listening.

3. Be decisive when the time comes. Use the knowledge you gathered from listening more and talking less to form solid decisions that have been well-thought out. Don't consume your energy by overthinking about this final step - even the best leaders make bad decisions at times. Learn from your mistakes and continue improving.

Microsoft has recently made headlines about its acquisition of LinkedIn. Business Insider reported that CEO Satya Nadella revealed three questions that the company asks when looking at potential acquisitions.

  • Does it help Microsoft expand the addressable market?
  • Does it help "ride some new technology waves that are secular that are increasing engagement with users?"
  • Is it core to Microsoft - "is it something where Microsoft can uniquely differentiate?"

"If you look at those three questions, LinkedIn checks all those boxes," Nadella said. "This is really all about expanding the opportunity we have, going beyond productivity and collaboration tools to having a professional network."

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