Jun 30, 2016 07:12 PM EDT

4 Things Women Do Not Do: Stereotypes When At Work

By Jane Reed

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg recently talked about a harmful stereotype that affects women in the work place.

What do women do and do not do, or will not do when it comes to helping other women in the workplace? These are questions that subject women to a stereotype that prevents success. It is a double standard that dates back centuries. According to the Entrepreneur, while an aggressive man is seen as powerful, a woman can be considered catty.

"Queen bees aren't a reason for inequality but rather a result of inequality," said Sandberg, who co-wrote an article in The New York Times with Adam Grant.

According to their research, in a male-dominated environment, women are quite worried about their standing. Which leads them to become reluctant to help other women. This is because the stakes are high but this behavior is not inherently female. "It's a natural way we react to discrimination when we belong to a nondominant group," says Sandberg.

It is just that women are being isolated into a stereotypical category. Here are 4 things women do not do when it comes to the workplace and other women:

1. Women do not hold other women back when it comes to promotions.

Female CEOs were found to be in companies that have more women in general.

2. Women do not undermine other female colleagues.

A report from Catalyst indicated that 65% of women who were given professional support are doing the same for new hires. And 73% of that group are pulling in new female talents. Compared to the 56% of men, where only 30% are doing the same (in that order).

3. Women really are not bad negotiators.

Women negotiate their salaries and they struggle to advocate themselves.

4. Women do not just care about work and life balance.

Women want positions that pay more and have room for career development.

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