Jul 04, 2016 04:47 AM EDT

Caroline Aherne: Died From Cancer, Happier Before She Was Famous

By Jane Reed

People in the limelight and entertainment industry would often say they are comfortable being the star of the show. That is part of their career. But for comedienne and actress, Caroline Aherne, she never wanted any of that.

According to her co-stars on "The Fast Show", she was a "virtual recluse." Co-star John Thomson said that Aherne never wanted to be in the lime light. She would rather stay out of the public life because she does not want to deal with any intrusion when it comes to her private life. According to the Telegraph, she never bothered about getting a celebrity status.

Aherne, or known as Mary Caroline Aherne was a known British comedian. She was a BAFTA-winning writer and actress. She is best known for her chat show as Mrs. Merton, her roles in "The Fast Show" and as the lead actress in "The Royle Family." She was said to have a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking but still, she could not ope with fame. Many mourned her death as her absence leaves British Television short of working-class voices.

She died of cancer at the age of 52. She was said to have passed away in "good spirits." She previously survived retina and bladder caner and knew that she was not going to pull through from fighting against lung and throat cancer.

Thomson said that "She'd just gone into remission again. Her hair, beneath her wig, had regrown and she was painfully thin, but despite all this she was on amazing form, the Caroline I knew and loved working with. This was the last time I saw her. I'm grateful for that fact, as that was how I would want to remember her."

Peter Kessler, a former producer of "The Mrs. Merton Show" said that this was one of the greatest tragedies of his professional life.

While most yearn to be a celebrity in her career, she attained celebrity status even without pursuing it.

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