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Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in 2013

Work is work. But wouldn't it be nice if you get more on your pay stub for it?

If you want to get more for the amount of hours you put in, the only way to do it is to work harder, get promoted, and become eligible for one of these top 10 positions.

No 10: Natural Sciences Managers
Median pay: $55.64 per hour; $115,700 per year

On the top 10 highest paid jobs in 2013, we have the employment opportunity as a natural sciences manager. Natural sciences managers supervises scientists: biologists, physicists, and chemists are a notable set of subordinates. They command and control the direction of research and development projects. At times, they also test, and perform quality control and manage production aspects of the work.

Natural Sciences Managers are expected to rise by 8 percent from 2010 and 2020.

No 9: Judges, Magistrate Judges, and Magistrates
Median Pay: $55.65 per hour; 115,800 per year

Do you like the sense of power, and being at the peak of your field? Judges, Magistrate Judges, Magistrates are the leading profitable positions in the field of law for 2013, according to the report by Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In addition to being able to send someone off to prison, many judges also arbitrate and advise laws to fit to the case at hand. Some might even perform wedding ceremonies on a mountaintop.

No 8: Pharmacists
Median pay: $56.09 per hour; $116,700 per year

If you can follow instructions well and you have an excellent memory, you can be a pharmacist. The primary job for a pharmacist is to dispense medications to the patients according to the prescriptions given. After the dispersement, you must explain to the patient carefully how to safely use the medicine.

However, it is not just simply following a set of instructions. Pharmacists must attend a 4-year professional school to obtain a Doctor of Pharmacy degree, and must be licensed after passing two exams. Mostly, the knowledge is based on understanding deeply what the effects of the medicines are and how they affect the human body. So, study hard if you want to get to this zenith of your career!

No 7: Airline Pilots, Copilots, Flight Engineers, Air Traffic Controllers
Median pay: $56.91 per hour; $118,350 per year

If you're in the airline industry, study up and try to attain these positions ranked number 7 on the top 10 highest paid jobs in 2013. As an airline pilot or copilot, one would have to navigate according to scheduled routes and transport passengers and cargo safely to their destinations.

Air Traffic Controllers on the other hand actually plan the routes of the planes and make sure that the planes maintain safe distances from each other, avoiding possible conflict and crashes between each plane. They generally work in control towers, route centers and approach control facilities. Total concentration might be required, so this job is not for those who want to go and take a break or a nap in the middle of work. If you want to become a air traffic controller and you are younger than 31, apply right away, as persons older than 31 would need to have previous air traffic control experience.

No 6: Marketing Managers
Median pay: $57.44 per hour; $119,500 per year

Marketing Managers are in charge of planning and generating interest in a paid project or a product they are advertising. As a marketing manager, you would need to have extensive communication with sales agents, financial staff members, and art directors.

However, you are not only earning wages on your communication with others. Marketing managers have to equip themselves with a otherworldly creativity, but also embody in themselves much common sense. With these two together, they can craft up remarkable campaigns that will last forever in the eyes of their audience, and ultimately strike a sale.

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