Jul 07, 2016 07:15 AM EDT

Kylie Jenner To Business Bureau: 'I'm Sick and Tired of People Coming for My Business'

By Jane Reed

Busy with her lip stick business, Kylie Jenner has made sure her customers are getting the supply they need. Recently, she amped up her lip stick kit production to meet the demands and it was perfect timing during the 4th of July weekend.

However, with good news comes bad news as well. Kylie Jenner has recently received an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. The KUWTK star has been vocal about the rating ever since.

According to reports, Jenner said, "I'm sick and tired of people coming for my business." Kylie Cosmetics has been trending in the beauty market for quite some time. Her lip kits have always been sold out. However, she received an "F" rating after getting large amounts of customer complains.

Though she is only 18 years old, the beauty entrepreneur responds to her "haters." She went to her personal website to explain that her customers are her reasons why she is motivated to make Kylie Cosmetics "the best it can be." With regards to her "F" rating, she claims she is still continuing to learn while striving to make people happy. Even though many have spoken out about the lack of supply, later on she announced that the Better Business Bureau has reviewed the situation and changed the rating. It went from "Failing" to "No Rating." It also came with a note saying they are waiting on further updates from customer service and quality control.

Kylie Jenner's lip kit has sold millions and she ensures her customer's complaints are being addressed in a timely manner. "I love everything about Kylie Cosmetics and I will do anything in my power to protect and improve it every day and make you guys happy. I don't want to respond to the haters but you guys deserve an answer and to know the facts. I love you and apologize to anyone who felt the urge to complain and didn't receive the service they deserve."

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