Jul 11, 2016 08:04 AM EDT

'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 51 Review: Black Goku's Identity Tied Up With Goku?

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 51 showed less fight scenes and focused on the stories of the characters. Future Trunks and Mai's relationship was explained.

Attack of the Fanboy reported that the action took a backseat in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 51. This week's installment of the series revealed the history of Future Trunks and Mai as well as gave clues on Black Goku's identity.

In this episode, Goku asked Beerus and Whis if he can train with them some more since he wants to fight Black Goku again. The God of Destruction and his assistant still hate that the other characters are easily manipulating time without thinking of the consequences.

Vegeta decided to train in the gravity room. Goku, on the other hand, train with King Kai since Beerus and Whis ignored his request.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 51 also showed Black Goku wreaking havoc in the future timeline. An interesting scene showed the villain's body flashing and changed to showcase Goku's original orange jumpsuit.

The publication noted that this will definitely lead to a lot of fan theories about Black Goku's identity. According to Yibada, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 51 also revealed that Black Goku's battle memories have become a part of the villain's mind and body.

Moreover, Black Goku is now aware of Goku's body as well as his fighting moves. The villain now wants to know more about the Super Saiyan to make himself stronger before they battle again.

Future Trunks talked about his relationship with Future Mai after he saw Present Mai. He told her how important she will become in the future.

It was revealed in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 51 that Future Mai was the one who assembled a resistance group to combat Black Goku. The villain had already killed half of the human population by then.

Future Trunks also told the people in the present timeline that Future Mai died. There was also no future versions of Pilaf and Shu, which means that they may have also died or they may be hiding somewhere.

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