Jul 17, 2016 10:25 AM EDT

Work-Life Balance Tips: 9 Things Happy People Do

There are a lot of work-life balance tips out there. Almost all workers struggle with juggling responsibilities at home and at work.

As we continuously strive to find the equilibrium between fulfilling our dreams and fostering our relationships with our loved ones, Inc. has nine work-life balance tips that are gleaned from the lives of happy people.

1. Know what your definition of balance is. While templates and patterns are good, it is better to know what specifically works for you and your situation. Different people have different priorities and it's important that you know what balance means for you.

2. Know your limits. After figuring out what kind of work-life balance you want to achieve, set expectations in the workplace to help you fulfill these goals. Learn how to say "no" as well. Economic Times shared five ways that employers can help their workers find the right balance between their work and personal lives.

3. Know how to talk about these things at home. Explain to your spouse and kids about the goals that you have set. Don't be afraid to talk about your priorities and aspirations.

4. Know that your behavior will set the tone for your team members to follow. Don't talk about work-life balance but send emails in the wee hours of the morning or regularly stay late at the office.

5. Know that positivity goes a long way. Create a relaxed atmosphere at home and in the office by putting a smile on your face. Remember, leaders set the tone for everyone else in the same room.

6. Know how to communicate well. Be honest. Talk to people around you about what stresses you out. You'll be surprised at how helpful and understanding they will be.

7. Know when to take a break. In order to fight stress, it is important to take a break. Let your mind and body recuperate.

8. Know when to laugh. The publication noted that humor boosts our strength and resiliency. Plus, it's good to have a good bond and laugh with your colleagues.

9. Know how important exercise is. Not only will a little movement help alleviate stress -- it will also increase your energy levels. Make time for exercise at least three times a week.

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