Sep 12, 2016 03:35 AM EDT

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Has A Secret Feature Making It Better Than The iPhone 7

By Erika C

Although Apple Inc. has decided to keep mum on the exact amount they garnered in the first week sales of the highly anticipated duo, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, people more likely know that the top technology company bagged bigtime. However, it's really not about their income that iPhone consumers and potential buyers would want to be fed with, but the features of these new iPhones that they still don't know about.

Apple is great at keeping secrets. This is a part of their marketing strategy, making everyone want to buy and get a hold of their new iPhones even before they are released. These secret features, prior to release, are only guessed and anticipated and the only way to confirm the consumers' specualtions was when Apple finally shares the official teaser for their new phones or when they are already available to the public.

This is what the Geekbench, a famous smartphone testing software, tries to do--test and deeply check newly released phones to see what they can really do. And it found out that Apple's iPhone 7 Plus has a bigger RAM than its pair, iPhone 7. According to a Forbes report, the iPhone 7 Plus has 50 percent more, that would be 3GB, of RAM than iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Plus better than iPhone 7?

Amidst better and newer features than iPhone 7, Apple continues to market these two phones as similar to each other and have twin features and capabilities. However, as experts and consumers continue to encounter the phones, they get closer to the conclusion that the iPhone 7 Plus is much better than its contemporary.

Consumers and the rest of the smartphone industry believe that Apples does this so the iPhone 7 could keep up with the iPhone 7 Plus' sales. And that, maybe, the customers who listed for a pre-order for the iPhone 7 won't be too devastated.

Besides iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus is a great threat to the whole of the camera industry, reports Indian Express. This is because Apple's latest camera phone includes a dual-lens camera that may even upstage DSLRs and other phone's camera. Even iPhone 7, marketed to have a better camera than the older iPhones is also beaten, since iPhone 7 Plus has both a wide-angle and telephoto cameras.

The iPhone 7 Plus' cameras can be zoomed 2x more than the regular camera phone, which doesn't sacrifice the pixel quality of the photo taken. It seems that Apple has done a really great thing on this one.

Meanwhile, albeit the fuss in these new and better features of both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, there's one thing that the consumers anticipated, but has quite disappointed them. It is in knowing that Apple's latest technology airpods would be sold separately and there's no other choice but to buy one since the new iPhones don't have the standard audio jack.

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