Sep 19, 2016 06:05 AM EDT

Why You Should Watch Out for the NBA 2k17 Game: Pros and Cons

By Khrisma

Following the classic 2K16 is the NBA 2k17 game to be released on September 20 this year. Here are the highlights for the early release of the game.


  1. It looks authentic So far, the NBA 2k17 version is the most realistic version of the game. A Forbes review cites that there are "tons of new animations"  which makes the gaming experience more realistic.  Gamers can also choose the type of basketball pass (chest, bounce, or overhead) and "crossovers" are more accurately depicted.  Taking jump shots also adds to the crisp  since it's better than the previous version.
  2. Good Prelude - According to Foxsports, the "prelude is worth it". In the mini-campaign release a player can start the basketball career of a freshman player. The production value was given full effort since it consumes 30 minutes of the enire gameplay.
  3. MyPlayer mode is more fun. Forbes also cited the game " as complete of an experience for a created character we've seen in a sports title." Storylines are now more focused on the gameplay. There are also the added features of MyPark, Pro-Am and MyCourt for the alter ego of your chosen players.
  4. Advance on MyCareer - Coed notes that this is the "boldest advancement" of the 2k17 release. It features a single story and has become free form and branches on path. Players are allowed to shape their own stories.
  5. Commentary is much better. 2k was able to get the likes of Steve Smith, and Cwebb in the commentary stands for the 2k17 game.
  6. Better MyGM and MyLeague - Every year, 2k makes sure that these two bears the sigantures of the game. This year, modes include expansion of leagues (maximum 36 teams), team and league management through the MyLeague online, Offseason trades and injuries, league meetings which can favor rule changes, and jersey retirement, plus more!
  7. Referee calls are more accurate. IMO, I like how 2k adjusts the calls on defensive side, In the previous version, there's only a few instance where the referees will blow it's whistle on "Intense D" button of your console, but not this time, the gamers should play honest D and less Intense D.


  1. Body built of some players are inaccurate. While 2k strived to make a more accurate description, they failed a little with depicting the built of the players.  Kevin Durant was abnormally skinny.
  2. Missing players - Getting the legends on the NBA 2K17 game requires individual agreements for every important member of athe team, but the game lost players like Malone and Nash. They also failed to get full access to Miller or Charles Barkley
  3. You can't customize it much. You can't change a player's physical build. (try adding weight and increasing height) but it'll still appear muscular. Also, you can't add tattoos and there are just limited hairstyles.   

Overall, 2k has done a good job on rewarding their hardcore loyalist gamers with their 2k17 release and fans will surely set the standard for the genre. It's a game that's sure to leave a good impression with its stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay.

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