Sep 22, 2016 01:05 AM EDT

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series’ Update: ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Anime First Trailer Reveals Younger Ash As Student In Alola [Updated]

By Jayson R.

As per the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" official Japanese website, the first trailer of the upcoming anime series for the new game installment was unveiled, which highlights Ash's new younger appearance and his journey in Alola Region as a student.

Through the game's Japanese website, a posted clip with the tagline, "Let's go! Be your very best! Big adventures!" connotes that the Pokémon anime "dives into a new series" with "big adventures in the Alola region!"

Carrying the "Pokémon Sun and Moon" title, the upcoming anime, which is based on the Pokemon 3DS game with the same name, will feature Satoshi a.k.a. Ash as a student. The story will follow his journey both in battle and in school with his trusty partner Pikachu, iTechPost has learned.

According to YIBADA, the first trailer for "Pokemon Sun and Moon: The Series" also offers Ash's physical transformation, which denotes an art style noticeably different from the previous Pokemon seasons. Some of the significant changes in the physical attributes of Ash are more rounded face, smaller nose, and thicker hair, which appear to transform Ash into his younger and more innocent version.

Accordingly, the school that he will be attending is run by Professor Kakui and he will be joined in the classroom by Lilie (Professor Kukui's assistant in the "Pokemon Sun & Moon" games), Mallow, Sophocles, and Lana. On the other hand, the trailer did not feature other significant characters such as Serena and Clemont.

Another notable feature witnessed on the first trailer is the new Z-Move in battle, just as players use them in the upcoming game. In the trailer, Ash can be seen wearing a Z-Ring and doing the dance with Pikachu to perform a Z-Move.

For those uninitiated, Z-Moves are a new technique in the "Pokémon" games. Each Pokémon will be able to hold a Z-Stone to power up their standard moves. Now, there are only two types of Z-Move confirmed, the type-specific Z-Stone that allows Pokémon to perform an upgraded attack of the same type and a species-specific Z-Stone, like the special Munchlax that allows an evolution, Snorlax, to learn a devastating new attack, called "Pulverizing Pancake."

Reports indicate that "Pokémon Sun and Moon" anime series is set to air in November on TV Tokyo and its affiliated stations in Japan.

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